.learning from life, not work.

i was out late yesterday. up till the wee hours of morning. i forgot i have work to do this morning till a knock came to my door at 8.15 in the morning. my head was spinning but i managed to climb out anyway. wishing i was dead.

i swayed to the bathroom and let the hot water rush through my body. waking me up. it never ceases to amaze me how taking a hot bath can wake you up instantly. especially during the morning madness, eye closing, mind numbing days.

i learned a lot of stuffs yesterday.
not during my training but after working hours.

i learned that the penang bridge is freaking jammed to the brink of crawling turtles after working hours.

i learned that BED in autocity has one of the nicest atmospheres, especially on the upper floor where the higher elites of society hang out. yeah, ppl like me. so that makes 99.99% of the ppl in the community elites.

i learned that draft is one of the lousiest drinks in the world. i prefer the sweet taste of vodka, martini or something along the lines.

i learned that if you need to lose the person to miss that person.. then most probably... you don't deserve that person.

i learned that truth or dare can be extremely dirty... and crazy.

i learned that even if i'm surrounded by friends... it never ceases to amaze me how i could leave everyone just to hear her voice.

i wish you called.

daily dose
March 31, 2007


Anonymous said…
hey, wat time u head back home last fri? it was still jammed at around 10 pm ++ .. my sis got stuck at the jam at midnite.. can u imagine dat? madness..

call u out for lunch some time

Anonymous said…
i head back home at 5.40.

got back in my house at around 7.10.

yeah, madness in the traffic.



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