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My letter of complain to Scholl.

I am a customer of Scholl for quite some time and throughout these years, I can proudly say that Scholl has been a provider of quality footwear. However, a recent turn of events disappointed me in terms of customer service and quality of Scholl branded footwear.

A month ago, my mother purchased a product of Scholl in Quennsbay Mall, Penang, Malaysia with my recommendation. She purchased it with the intention of using it on a special occasion.

So, it wasn't until a few days ago that she wore it for a special event or function. However, the quality of the footwear was appalling at best. Not only did the product hurt her feet so much that we had to purchase a sandal on the way back, but the heel of the shoe was ripped off from the shoe.

I'm sure this turn of event on such an important day is traumatizing and disappointing. However, I persuaded her and said that I'm sure if the quality of Scholl is questionable, they will find a way to make amends.

That was not true as I found out yesterday. When I went to make a complain at the Scholl boutique, I was greeted with less than a happy face and her facial expression showed as if we were there to cheat her of her products.

We told her of our predicament and the problem encountered. We gave her the details of the purchase and even showed her the shoe that was still on display. We wanted something to be done as we paid a premium price for a quality shoe. If we wanted some substandard shoes, we could've gone to the night market. Any complications that arose thereafter can be solved with the garbage can. We wouldn't complain anyway.

The supervisor of the boutique scowled and told the sales girl that such a thing was impossible. Although she thought it was out of my earshot, I distinctly heard her. When I asked her what she was telling the sales girl, she didn't want to mention it again. This accusation shows that she thinks us, the customer, has tried to cheat her by deliberately destroying the heels of our shoe. I am really disappointed by this level of customer service and accusation.

We then asked her about the problem and gave her the details. She said that we had to bring it in and she will send it to the factory for repairs. This was acceptable but we asked her when we can reclaim the product. She says she has no idea. That was still acceptable. However, the fact that she was reluctant to tell us we will be charged for the repair until i pressed on with my questions show that she is dishonest in her sales and customer service.

I am deeply disappointed at the level of customer service provided by this particular person and although she is just a rotten apple among thousands, it is still a bad image for Scholl. She is a representative of the Scholl brand and I take this case seriously as a customer.

I want to know what will the Scholl management do in regards to the product and the staff for this outlet.

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February 16, 2007


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