.lightning rod vs cave.

i soooo want to post pictures but i have problems with uploading my pictures to the pc from my hp for a while now...

so resulting in the past few weeks/months' pictureless posts.

sorry yeah.

bumbleelay is back from aus. her trip lasted for one and a half month. damn, that's like a long time to stay overseas ok?

but sponsored by bf there is so nice i guess. food and accomodation provided for.

jelesnya aku.

tofuny, if i go there, will you provide me with the same perks?
i mean, we are friends for like.... +/- 19 years and counting.

19 fucking years is damn long ok?
nvm.. i know you're giving me the middle finger now.

no wonder they say, the power of a lightning rod is nothing in a cave.
if you don't get it, don't bother... i ain't gonna explicitly explain it to you.

ps: i completed The Star's Sudoku for today. Sudoku makes me miss her.
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January 16, 2007


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