.courtesy is reflective.

the atmosphere is a bit tensed.

as i sat in the corner of the bank waiting corner, i noticed an old lady looking agitated.

everyone was especially quiet. i guess it's normal in a bank. but this time, it's especially quiet for a different reason.

the old lady was shouting at the bank teller and the bank supervisor.

i noticed that in the service industry, we meet a plethora of different types of people. some courteous, some agitating.

but usually, it's the auntie or uncle who make up a big fuss. we all have our customer rights, yes, but waiting is not an unusual dilemma for someone about to take a loan for a car. maybe a second hand car cause she managed to shout "if i buy a new car, i don't need to pay a single cent."

i believe she has met people who were exactly like her. whether she was the one affected or she was the one looking on, she should know better than to raise her voice.

we all have our own different ways of resolving conflict. some act nonchalant (as in the case of the bank teller and the bank supervisor), some become agitated, others just shout and wail (as in the case of the auntie).

it's not what you become right? it's who you are that determine your actions.

from her actions, we know what type of person she is.... so to all those who's reading this, keep calm at all times... unless you want to look like a scowling bitch at the receiving end of a bad sex day.
January 5, 2007


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