.600 friends?

it's amazing how you can have more than 600+ friends in Friendster and never ever keep in touch with even one of them.

and it's even more amazing when more than half of the people you have there are people who you haven't even met.

and another quarter belongs to some dumb organization, like your school, and some fan club.

if you really are in need of friends, go out... get a life.... and get a friend. you don't need to have 600+ friends to be popular or to be known.. or even to have fun.

you just need one. and that one makes all the much difference.

i remembered when i was like 18 and looking at those friendster profiles and thinking....

"how in the blue hell did he/she get 999 friends?"
"does he/she even know all of them or are they just random add ons?"

now i know that it doesn't really matter.

all that matters is the few handful i have in my profile. and i'm pretty glad to have them there.

so, to all my friend's in my friendster profile. revel in the fact that you're all well appreciated... suckers.

to those who i don't have in my friendster profile, i still love you too.
daily dose
January 30, 2007


Anonymous said…
Haha... Imagine some people has 8 accounts with 500 limit per account... 4000 friends. LOL~! So I assume they just wanted to create more account by fulfill one account first? Friendster is a game dude... LOL~!


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