.women is the weaker sex?

the issue of female as the weaker sex has never ceased to be the talk of politicians.

and if i were to hear them from one of our dumb politicians again... i swear to god, i'll rip the newspaper apart. (cause i can't really do anything besides that).

you see, female is the weaker sex... period.

but that proverb was created a long time ago when weak and strong was only evaluated through fights or hunting competitions. (muscle evaluation)

a long long time ago, men competed to vie for their partner with hunting competitions, wrestling matches, snorting sounds.. you know, matches that are aggressive in nature.

this is vital in order to ensure that the alpha male has enough or adequate muscle strength to protect his or her counterpart from the vile predators.

you know, i would think that politicians are smart enough to know that as time changes, so does circumstances.

sexy dressing as a code of conduct to prevent themselves from getting raped? who the fuck is talking?

even the most well-dressed transvestite can get raped in certain circumstances...

women are now not the weaker sex... in fact i tend to think that they are the dominating sex. ever seen how a woman can wield her aura and a man will do anything just to get her attention?

if that's not called power, i don't know what is.

men now vie for their female attention through other means like cooking, laundry, manners, attitude and persuasion. oh, not to forget.. cash.

women? they just listen and decide.

gone are the days where women are the weaker sex... some of them are more of a man than you could ever imagine to be.

if we tried to vie for a female attention like cooking, laundry ..bla bla bla... in those olden days.... you'd be dead and heirless.

and vile predators? they're actually the ones trying to get a lay over in the clubbing arena.

sometimes, i think civilization is moving forward in terms of technology and knowledge but we are becoming more of an animal than we wanted to be.

if a woman can wear leaves and show their boobs in those days without worrying about rape or sodomy..... why is it a more civilized nation like the one we have now can't cage the animal in us.

until bedtime of course. then lets unleash the animal in us.
December 13, 2006


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