.SKOL shapeshifters.

i'm never drinking beer


Ok, let me think now, it all began yesterday.

me and my family went to 'Pantai Bersih' which is extremely dirty to have seafood.

and then as i was enjoying my beautiful but tasteless meal, this sudden shape emerged and trampled the whole place.

i caught a glimpse at her uniform and it was glowing golden.

i thought she was some dancing girl singing karaoke or whatever.... but turns out she's selling SKOL beer?

she's old, haggard and with that kinda uniform.... it looks like something i saw in the gladiators or troy.. only this time, it's body hugging and on a girl.

oh... the pollution to our environment.

SKOL is definitely not environmental conscious. those fucking SOBs in marketing are choosing their sales girls with their knees.

if that was the only straw, it'd be ok.

but imagine to my surprise that i saw them SKOL girls in Seawind again. Holy FUCK!

the shapeshifter had legs like a pig turd and her body hugging suit had piles of fat lards portruding out of her costume begging for some fresh air.
if i ever drink beer

er... i doubt i'll drink a SKOL
daily dose
December 10, 2006


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