.MTV rocks my sawks!

yesterday, i was having a cuppa coffee with Mais, MC and JollyYeap. it seems that our first schoolmate from high school is getting married this saturday. she's a doll and i wish her all the best in future undertakings. and happiness in her marriage.

me and JollyYeap had a cuppa coffee and headed down to 7-11 to have a can of beer. After that we head on over to his house and "lepak".

Astro's MTV was showing RoomRaiders. This show takes three male or female out of their room and asks a potential date partner to raid their room. Whose room belongs to who will not be revealed until the end of the selection. So, the boys or girls will have to choose based on the participant's rooms. Like, room number 1 is out. So, one of the chicks will walk out. and if it so happens that she's some hot chick... tough luck dude. you wouldn't like her anyway. *-^

so, as i was watching this show, i was contemplating what criminal evidence i had in my room that could be bound to be raided.

first of all, i have porn. hmm.... QC-ed porn. HAHA.

second, in my drawer under my side table, you'd find scores and scores of unarranged paraphernalia.

which reminds me, i should get them arranged someday soon.

and then sometimes i have leftover shirts or pants from morning or yesterday night cause i just like wore it for... a couple of hours. so it doesn't go into the washing machine that fast. (no underwear though... swear)

dust... sometimes i have lots of it in corners. i need to get them wiped.

i don't really have much in my room but i guess i have enough. what about you? any embarrassing paraphernalia you want to tell us?

after room raiders, the show on telly was "Wanna Come In?" Basically, this show takes two males who hasn't had a date for a long time and they will be coached by a "player" each.

These "player"s will take them under their wings in order for them to earn some money if the girl invites the participant into her house after their first dinner. thus the slogan or title "wanna come in?"

it was no easy shit during the dinner as the contestants will be given tasks to complete and whoever completes them in the given stipulated time will earn cash.

Yesterday's first one was..

1. Switch chairs with her and then switch back. Time limit : 2 minutes.
(one of them pulled this off)

2. Hold her hands for 15 seconds. Time limit : 2 minutes.
(both of them pulled this off)

3. Ask her weight, pant's size and bra size. Time limit : 2 minutes i think....
(none of them could pull this off)

In the end, one of them managed to get in to the house. the other was left hanging.
The one who was kept hanging kept drinking water. Having sips and sips of it. He even opened the door for the girl and ASKED THE GIRL to move over..

as in two person going into the car through the same door.... so, the woman has to skip to the other side.

believe me, it was no easy feat.... but the show was entertaining during dinner. especially when one girl said she was offended when asked about her bra size.

i should totally get ASTRO now.
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December 13, 2006


Anonymous said…
who's getting married? somebody i know? -yh-
Jimmy Ang said…
no.. no one u know.


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