.cure headaches instantly.

there are weird excuses that kids can come up with when they refuse to study.

so it didn't came as a surprise to me throughout my years of teaching. the things that i hear are preposterous but nevertheless, at least they make sense.

so, the other day, i was teaching gluttonboy in my house. he's kind of lazy.


who am i kidding. he's GOD DAMN irritatingly freaking LAZY.

which is good at times but not most of the times.

so, the other day, he was doing some homework and i was waiting for him to complete his work.

"URGH" grunted gluttonboy while holding his forehead and grimacing in pain.

"why?" i asked with a sincerely made up concerned face.

"I have a headache"

"what happened?" i asked?

"i cannot work (as in do exercises) too much. if i do, i get headaches" answered gluttonboy.

the level of bullshit in this scenario has increased 10 times. :-o

but i acted nonchalant and continued...

"like that, you have to see a doctor? have you seen one?"

"yes, i've seen one already. he said it can't be cured."

right about this time, my tummy was about to burst. but i ... maintained.

"then i got a cure for you"

"what is the cure?"

"from today onwards, you won't need to do work. we'll just be reading and studying."

"then i don't need to do any exercises?"

"no... i'll compile them and ask you to do it at home when your head is not hurting."

"teacher.... i think my head ok ady."

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December 5, 2006


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