.christmas giving.

i've yet to tell anyone about this incident because it never warranted any telling.
besides, i'm always forgetful. i've always wanted to blog about it but... i have amnesia. kinda...

anyway, in the spirit of christmas... let me tell you guys a story.

i went to KL back in August. I've probably roughly mentioned it here. anyway, what i didn't tell you guys were the myriad of things that mysteriously happened to me on that faithful day.

i sat in one corner. one eye looking at my big box of luggage. another catching a glimpse of the people surrounding me. i feel wary. the feeling is like being in a secluded place surrounded by people you don't know in a place you're not familiar with.

suddenly in the corner of one eye, i catch a glimpse of a man, a middle aged man approaching me.

he asked me with impeccable english. i couldn't catch or quite remember what he said... but basically he said he left his wallet and hp while he was on the way to the airport from his hometown.

something along the lines of going to the bus to go to KL. but his wallet and hp dropped in the car, his daughter's. maybe he kept his ticket in his jacket or shirt or something.

anyway, he was asking for 10 bucks so that he can get aboard a B&B (bed n breakfast) up downtown. He asked me politely and talked to me. he said someone bought him the ticket for the LRT ride and that's it.

i talked to him, looked at him.. he must be around 50s. he was well dressed, not like a beggar.. but nothing like a corporate figure too. he mentioned he was in the army. that must've caused his extremely well kept health and stamina. he used some coins to call his daughter but his daughter can't come until the next day afternoon. she's a doctor and got a surgery later that night.

she asked him to drop by KL hospital to find her friend but her friend has moved from the hospital to another. and now he can't find her.

whatever... the main thing is.... he's stranded here with no money, no wallet, no way to contact his daughter (surgery remember?) and no friends... he made a police report and i saw the documents.

so i gave him RM10 and asked him to go to the nearby B&B. we boarded the LRT together. He didn't ask for more. He just said thank you and continued talking about me, asking me where i was from... and telling about his experience being in Penang. He was stationed in Penang a long time ago.

i fell for this guy. i look at his demeanor and i took a liking to him. i don't want him to starve tomorrow afternoon cause i don't think he has enough money for lunch. his daughter's plane will only arrive late afternoon.

i gave him another RM10 and he said he'll pay me back.

i said, "no need. keep everything" and i got down from the LRT.

i went back to my place and told both my friends.

One said, "you should've given me the RM20! there could be a lot of other uses for it... like putting petrol for my car!"
Another said, "wah, want to become penipu also need good english har now?"

i guess they weren't there to look at him and wonder whether RM20 can make him smile or make me smile.

i didn't do it for that uncle only, i did it for me too.
this is the spirit of giving.

btw, i did receive a phone call from a KL no. the next morning. i don't know whether it was him or not... but i hope it was. (i did give him my phone number and ask him to call me if he needed anything or is in trouble).

And I would like to think that he called to say he's OK.
daily dose
December 21, 2006


Samantha said…
yeah way to go pal! tat's the true spirit of givin...whether he's tipu-ing onot tat's his own matter...bt for u...good karma..^^
Merry Xmas n Happy Chicken Pox...>.< haha
Anonymous said…
Lovely story. I think I would have done the same thing cept I would have stop at the first RM10. The world needs more ppl like you. I think. :P
Jimmy Ang said…
sharon : thanks.

wen : yeah, thanks!

leen : thanks, although we could've done without the last two words..... it kinda destroys the whole meaning of the message. haha


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