.weddings i can live with.

i was one of the few accommodated at the front of the wedding ceremony.

the singer was rambling on and on.

her singing was good.. albeit a bit old fashioned.

then she went "ah ko, ah ko... kua chi peng. sui cha bo chio kuah ho lu tia har!"

translates to "brader, brader... look here. pretty lady sing song for you to hear ok?"

and then she started singing some hokkien song.

after that she went "sin nioh, sin nioh... kua chi peng. pui cha boh chio kuah ho lu tia har. kahwin liao tiok beh kuai kuai. ai seah chin cha chay kia ok?"

which translates to "bride, bride... look here. fat lady sing song for you to hear ok? after getting married must be good good. want to give birth to a lot of children ok?"

everybody was laughing.

except me. i don't find it a bit amusing. i find it weird. if it was me as the bridegroom, i would prefer some class in my wedding. i don't think i'll opt for some chinese traditional style wedding. the costumes could be ok at times... but the venue and the tradition really need to go. baby, i ain't definitely not gonna do it in some chinese hall with some low grade singer like this. and there's never gonna be any open karaoke sessions for people to sing ...

hokkien songs. like "chi pui chiu". (one cup of liquor). or some shit like that la.

i would imagine my wedding to be a floral themed one. probably done in the garden. (maybe i can book a golf course like the one in Pulai Spring).

then, it'll be during the night. and there'll be some fog machines (to get rid of the mozzies). of course the fog would just emit water based mist. not actually the medication type (aedes fog?).

then, there'll be a band.. one singing jazz and blues. or maybe a DJ.. spinning to jazz and blues first. he can do whatever he want at the end but during the dinner, it'll be jazz and blues.

then there'll be a space for people to dance. dancing is nice. i prefer people dancing than singing like a duck during a karaoke session.

then there'd be buffet instead of the usual 8 course. i don't like waiting for food. and i don't like sitting in a table. i like an environment where interaction is encouraged.

some of the examples of what my wedding might look like....

the seating place. everyone will have a number for their table in their invitation card. beats me having to find them a fucking place everytime they moan about their table mates.

there'll probably be more flowers... on top of the tent. in the middle of the table... everywhere.
even petals on the pathway.

buffet style. of course the food will be more than this lah!

in a big garden or a golf course.

evening not so hot kuar! besides, i think if can find a green house and put air cond inside better!

i told my mom about this.... she laughed and said...

"but then the old people wouldn't enjoy it that much. you know, the more traditional ones."

i pondered for a while and said "fuck them. it's not their wedding. they can have whatever they want on their ceremony. funeral one lah."
November 20, 2006


Kris said…
yes, this is my dream wedding as well!
Samantha said…
true true those traditional weddin is ehem...geli in a way...wt all those hokkien songs n young girls jumpin ard wt their squeeky voice, makes the whole weddin so cheapo...i'd love a garden weddin or a poolside weddin or jz a simple ceremony wt oni close frens n family...the most important thing is a longggggggggggg honeymoon wt my hubby ^^
Jimmy Ang said…
for me, the wedding is important. cause it's once in a lifetime. and it's made for not only the both of us... but for her parents too. they raised her for so long. the least i can do is hold a wedding that they can be proud of.

as for the honeymoon. everyday's a honeymoon with my wife. aiseh.

(honeymoon can always postpone it mah... but also like what you said... must have damn long wan!)


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