.this is me, no bulls.

i'm just curious when people put on 2 sides to a face. which one is the real side?

i've had so many friends and so many DIFFERENT friends. sometimes i think i adapt myself to the situation too. so i'm just writing this to remind people and you readers of who i am.

i used to be lazy. always procrastinating. i still do but less.
i used to hate tuitions. but now, slowly i'm getting used and enjoying it.
i am actually quite playful but only in familiar places with familiar faces.
i am actually an extrovert once you know me.
but sometimes i have mood swings. i can be an introvert during certain times.
i'm always wishy-washy. can't really make up decisions.
i love food. i love going on vacations if i get a nice place to rest.
i guess this means i'm a homely person.
i love it when i come home to a clean house.
i don't really like clubbing cause i can't drink. but i love how people can get together and shout and dance there.
i prefer going for yamcha sessions where we can talk our heart out.
i love the movies. i love a lot of movies.
i listen to music less than i want to, but i intend to make it up.
i'm always happy.. no matter with how less i have. but i'm learning the importance of having more.
i never judge people at first but i can be judgemental when i want to.
sometimes i can be temperamental and insensitive but i try my best.
i like the beach.
i like nice things.
i like art.
i love my family.
i like my baby (my shih tzu).
i like new gadgets.
i prefer looking in a car's interior rather their exterior. if the car looks nice in the inside, i couldn't care less about the brand or what colour it is.
i'm not a car fanatic.
i'm a techy geek.
i love new clothes. but sometimes i regret it the next day and wear it less than i loved to.
i love talking and meeting new people and i meet less than i would love to.
i'm insecure at times.
i love my friends and i try to cherish them all, the good and the bad.
but sometimes the bad is really not worth keeping. that's when i don't care about them.
i think highly of those who are close to me, and for those who have hard opinions about me i couldn't care less about their company.
i hate it when people make preconceptions about me. i usually avoid such people.
but everyone makes preconceptions.
i'm trying hard in life and i love this life.
in my 5 years in university, i've learnt a lot of good things, a lot of bad things. got to know a lot of cool people, and even more worse people.
university was not a good experience but i'm grateful for so many things.
i'm grateful for friends who i know and sad for friends who i don't know.
cause i know those who missed out on me is missing the chance of their lifetime.
i'm trying hard in life. i'm slowly evolving, i don't know into what.
yes, i'm wishy-washy.
i love sleeping too, but i couldn't sleep more often than i would love to.
i love going out in small groups. i like going out in big groups.
i like fitting in.
i may talk a lot and say many mean things but i never meant so many of those i said.
i have a hard temper at times. but only in front of my loved ones.
i'm trying to control my temper.
i like red cause it's in my name. but the real colour i like is white and black.
i love white.
i love it when people give me gifts. receiving gifts, no matter how small its such a surprise.

i like the big things, i love the simple things.
November 2, 2006


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