.night out in GLO.

here we are in glo for a friend's birthday party. i reached the place earlier than usual and decided to take a walk outside before going back in. besides, there wasn't much people in the club anyway.

i walked to UPR and saw a couple of yellow shirt guys walking around. they were all dressed in the same exact t-shirt with the words "the truth about prepaid.com". they gave out free mineral water.

two of them who were carting trollies of mineral water. they came around and offered me and my friend three bottles. they must've wanted to get rid of it asap.

i was feeling hungry. it's 10.30pm and i haven't had anything for dinner yet. i drank up as much as i could hoping to fill the gap in my stomach.

deciding i've had enough gallons of water to fill a horse, i decided to trot back in. i was blocked by a group of tourists hoping to get into a club. the bouncer was awakened by the rowdy noise and and shouted at them. nothing rowdy or mischievous happened. just some shouting. i couldn't be bothered. i just wanted to get back in to GLO.

i passed them and went back in. before i passed them, i heard them saying "25 ringgits just to go in?"

well, the 25 did include a drink.

before long, the whole place was crowded. men, women.. they were literally all over the place. one thing i liked about GLO was the choice of music. it wasn't totally techno like some shitty clubs. it has the right mix and blend of pop, techno, and rock.

the bar dancers were up and dancing some times. they were sexily clad in revealing clothes and. basically, they had a short skirt and a see-through top.. i guess. but we could all only notice the underwear and bra.

they were dancing and moving and their grooves were good. one of the girls were dancing at the counter beside our table. she was moving her ass in a way that reminded me of the PussyCat Dolls in Buttons. Totally HOT!

anyway, it didn't take long before another attention seeking female move on top of the counter. she was heaved up by her friend. and as soon as she reached the counter, she was moving away to the music. no doubt, her jeans and top make her no match for the bar dancer but she was still a fresh change. everyone was looking this way in a matter of seconds.

they were in a way competing i guess... the bar dancer was adamant to show that she's the best. she moved and danced and did splits.

she reached my table in front of me. and i kinda shyed away from looking up. i mean, it's like looking upskirt. a little bit weird i must say... but my friends were already shouting my name. that made me all the more shy.

yeah, me.. the shy boy.

anyway, what intrigued me was the other girl. she wasn't exactly hot or gorgeous but she can dance... that i can admit. but what a pity...

those bar dancers get paid to dance and strut their stuff. she's showing it all out for FREE.

anyway, a big shout out to those who were there... JumpingJJ, ShortMars, LittlePeng, SinfulYin, MerryMatt and my new found friends.. CheeryCindy and EagerVonne. Happy Birthday JumpingJJ. Oh yeah, met JovialAnne there too (i think i should change her nick to Jolesterol or Cholanne.. she should know why.. haha.. no kidding.. it's dangerous girl.. better take care). She was gorgeous as usual. She brought her guy there with her, OtherMeng (that's cause I know so many "Meng"s and "Ming"s).

I should've camwhored more but i hate dragging my camera all over the place.
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November 13, 2006


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