.my wife and my baby.

finally, my big arse wife rolled into my home yesterday. commitments ohhhh freaking commitments....

basically, it's quite an old car. there are some minor faults here and there and you know, the occasional scratches. but those are only aesthetics as far as i'm concerned.

in terms of handling, engine, automatic transmission and everything mechanical. it works perfectly. it's smooth and sails like the titanic. albeit the titanic did sink... hoping mine wouldn't.

i would've loved black or silver but i guess this could do. at least it's rare. haha.

a more accurate and precise review after some time k?

so, here's my baby and my wife. nothing alike. that's all for now. maybe i'd blog about my outing in GLO next time. my friend's birthday in GLO! *-^


front seats
November 12, 2006


Anonymous said…

I had my eye on this particular model for a long time. IMHO, this is the best looking Sentra model ever, the current models suck big time in the designs, esp the new rear lights.

Do let us know how it performs in the next few weeks.
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks din.

i'll see how the performance and FC goes before doing anything.

but so far the ride is good.


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