.a lotta turns.

i finally got a favourable response from flextronics. but i'm not counting my chicks yet. you know how these can be, pieces of suckers at times.

anyway, tonight i'm gonna be giving Baby a bath. She's been yearning for it since her 2nd dosage of vaccination. she's practically filthy and smelly. i can't believe she can be so smelly in 3 days. must've been the constant running around.

i just finished my tuition sessions yesterday and i guess i can cope with the work. albeit it could be a bit hard. i mean, me working from 8.30 till 5.30 and i'm back home at roughly 6.30. then i need to prepare and before i can even take a bath, it's already 7. which means it's tuition time. time is hectic, but i love having something to do. at times, it feels like i have a life. i like my schedules packed to the max. that way, i don't need to waste time. i believe my time is limited and i intend to fully utilize it. sundays and saturdays are the only days i get to rest. maybe catch a couple of movies.

life is hard you know, me being the freshie... i'm learning a lot of things and i need to learn them faster.

my wife is coming back home soon. maybe next week if everything goes well. my baby is just waiting for her mom.

like i said, will post pictures of them as soon as she rolls in to my home.
November 3, 2006


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