.jimmy needs.

i got this activity from aileen who got it from sharlene.

anyway, it's very cute and very absurd. however, i think it gives people a laugh or two.
albeit sometimes at your own expense.

the trick is to type "(you name) needs" into the Google search bar and note down the first or second website that comes out on the search.

Sharlene got :
Sharlene needs a good bitch-slapping

and this is what Aileen got:
Aileen needs to quickly get through another client, but he knocks her out, ties her up, and rapes her.

This is what I got...
Jimmy needs to get laid


here, i did some of my friends' names..

Vincent needs to get over his PTSD and act like a good watchdog. (Poking Tits & Sexual Discharge)

Julian needs someone with a good heart to keep him on the straight and narrow (this is where WaterBun comes in)

Marvin needs attention Of a private sort (this i totally agree)

J.J. Needs a Paternity Test (too many children or confused which one is his?)

Petrus needs him not for. pipefitting or plumbing but to hold things. (weird...)

Juliana needs to be home with her mother and family so that she can feel safe and start the healing process from her dreadful ordeal. (this COULD be true... maybe in the future.)

Sharon Needs to Be Told to Stop Shooting and Start Talking (shoot what?)

Helen Needs To Go Away (muahahahaha)

Joanne needs intellectual stimulation and companionship (she's got plenty)

Tony needs a dog? He doesn’t need a girlfriend, they’re all cuckoo anyway... (hahaha)

Rachel needs 2 get over herself and she needs 2 do it NOW! (right, like now!)

Timmy needs help (how true.. on the dot.)

Jolene needs to gain weight so she can be placed in the best forever home. (wtf? forever home?)

Rory needs to realize that she does need to make some changes in her life (i dunno about this.)

that's all dudes.
daily dose
November 14, 2006


Anonymous said…
ROFL. See? It's so close to the truth! I though you were lying so I typed your 'Jimmy needs' and it's true AHHAHAHAHHHA
Sharon said…
haha this is cute.. can i blog bout it ?:P


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