.it's thursday.

it's thursday already. what seems like monday feels soo.... yesterday. it's amazing how fast time passes.

anyway, i'm amazed that it's been so long and our PM still hasn't come out with answers. i'm amazed that our ex-PM threw such hard questions a few weeks ago and without any response. is it something like a fart where we wait till the smell sweeps away.

the skirt issue. i mean, the camera zooming issue. only a fella with a pea sized brain would say that it is the reporter's fault. and what's up with them? they're supposed to be finding the culprit. not waiting there and pointing fingers at idiots. the public is putting too much prominence on this issue.

personally, guys zoom in on girl's thighs all the time. the only thing is we use it with our eyes and not a camera. but this fella probably has the desire to keep it for later use. the useless bastard. never heard of imagination?

and then, we have the issue of Altantuya. First her dad says it's his son. then her mom comes and says no. it's all confusing. wait till the result of the DNA is out. but she's not exactly a model. just someone who maybe did some modelling or looks like a model.

what she is...? she's a failed businesswomen. and although i doubt she came to extort money, we cannot rule out that possibility. it's probable that a failed business could be a motivation. but it's all just assumptions.

so, to all the people out there, keep it real. stop making assumptions. assumptions are dumb.

be safe. respect.
daily dose
November 16, 2006


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