.bbq gathering for 2006.

a year ago.. i had a bad case of gastric. it was really horrible, terrible and vegetable. you know...
the lot.

anyway, jollyyeap is back. and yesterday we were planning.. or rather i mean, talking about a plan to have a bbq birthday party cum gathering.

the venue will most probably be in Penang. we did discuss some "exotic" places like genting or langkawi but i think with the number of friends working and having to accomodate their lifestyle.. a Penang gathering would've been better.

anyway, most probably it'll be held on a Saturday. 2nd Dec i think.

we'll be having an apartment stay too probably. don't know about them but i think it'll be cool.

gosh, i can't vaguely remember the last time we had any gathering or any sorts. the only time we had together as a friend outing was during CNYs. but it was great all the time. i mean, gambling is always a new way to spend your money happily. we're not really serious players. we're just having fun.

however, anyone who agrees on this saturday call me asap. the venue might be somewhere in Batu Ferringhi.

All welcome. Bring all your friends, single, married, attached... whatever.

gimme a call if you want to confirm or ask for more details cause i think we won't be doing any serious discussion until... at least a few people can confirm that they want to go.

So, this is addressed to everyone i know who's reading my blog. just call moi or julian to confirm a place or to ask. and tell everyone you know.

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November 27, 2006


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