I remember a prehistoric time when i was teaching kids. i encouraged them to ask questions. in fact, the more questions they ask, the happier i'll be.

in the first few weeks of teaching, they were quiet. but i was adamant to make a change. i wanted questions being asked. i instilled a feeling of transparency. i wanted everything i do to be known to them too. if they had any curiousity about any word and why the subject I needs the verb am and not is or are... i try to explain.

at least i tried in every possible way. sometimes i had to go back and check the dictionary or the internet. i went through all those trouble to help those kids. and all i wanted was a lousy paycheck at the end of the month.

the hard questions were challenging but i had my fair share of fun trying to find out the meanings too. the easy questions were.. relatively easy. unless it is coupled with a dumb kid, then the task all refers back to our methodology... how we explain the terms.

and as i look back at the newspaper these couple of days, i think .. i mean i guess that's what our PM is doing too. you know, instilling transparency and all.

he wants people to ask questions cause he believes he's not wrong. i know, all that yadda yadda shit where you don't need to be afraid if you're not wrong.

but i believe there are a lot of wrongdoings in the government. take the police for example, their patrols have increased these couple of days... and we attribute it to cari makan sebelum raya. right?

but why do we have that conception in the first place?

cause it is a norm. we've been experiencing it since like... when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

can i ask the PM why corruption is still rampant despite all the great efforts utilized to eradicate it?

i mean, the AP issue is like soooo dinosaur. and why do people close one eye to such monumental structures among miniature houses?

our PM is trying to be transparent. and i know it's a bit different from me and my students. but the same thing is that they keep asking questions.

and we keep answering them.

but the answers don't actually stuck in their head. before long, they'll ask the same questions again. and i'll try to answer it again. then i see the same mistake being done in their homework.

why don't people listen?

after a few times, i was back to tyranny. cause it's much simpler that way.

why? cause I said SO!

p/s: i know, i know, i'm a bad teacher. but hey, i tried.
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October 18, 2006


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