.tough choice.

i'm torn between two places...

no.1 : go to GLOW. my friend's friend's birthday.

no.2 : watch Rob-B-Hood. A very nice movie according to a lot of people.

So, there I was contemplating where I was gonna have more fun. either partying around having a cup of coke in Glow and raving my head around or sitting in a nice comfy chair enjoying the relaxation and comfort of a cinema.

Glow is good. First of all, I get to meet a new bunch of friends which is good cause I intend to widen my network of social elites. But the relaxation I can get after a week's work is also looking good. Especially since I've been looking forward to such a nice movie for so long. All those depressing news were getting to me. (haze, corruption, accidents, deaths, killings, rempits, fines, ble bla ble)

Party or Movie?

It was quite a hard choice till I got a phone call from mom.

"Today your cousin wedding. Prepare to go tonight."

"But.. but.. but.. I already have plans tonight."

"don't care"

I might need to think of some wonderful fabulous excuse tonight. Or I can just go to a wedding and get the fuck bored out of my skull.

whatever happened to GLOW or Rob-B-Hood?
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October 14, 2006


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