Sarah M. Baby

the family of four is now five.

welcome to the family Baby.
October 28, 2006


Eve said…
OMG! the passport thingie is so cute. how do u do that?

ur sarah m baby looks adorable!
Jimmy Ang said…
for the passport thingie, go to...

and then choose the passport thingie. haha.

i can't read dutch.. so just experiment around. but basically, here's the lowdown.

vorname = nickname
nachname = real name / surname
Geburtstag = d.o.b.
Gültig bis = expiry date
Geburtsort = location
Nationalität = nationality
Unterschrift = signature

translation is not accurate at the time of posting.

have fun.
Eve said…
hey..Thanks alot for the link and translation!!

So farneee!!
Anonymous said…
cuteeee! i love shih tzus =)


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