.the prestige : a review.

Director : Christopher Nolan
Played by : Hugh Jackman (X-Men), Christian Bale (Machinist, Batman Begins) , Micheal Caine (Batman Begins), Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly), Scarlett Johansson (Match Point, Lost In Translation).

the prestige revolves around two main person, Bourden and Angier. Bourden is wonderfully played by Christian Bale and Angier by Hugh Jackman.

The candy of the show is scarlett johansson. The movie revolves around a rivalry between Bourden and Angier. This dark movie shows how two person in the world of magic climbs up the ladder by outwitting one another in their magic tricks. However, this movie only revolves around one magic trick.

The original Transpotted Man is truly a magnificient trick and played to perfection by Bourden in this show. However, desperate for the trick that made Bourden famous, Angier wants the trick all for himself.

Along the way, their rivalry became intense by their constant interruptions.
Bourden killed Angier's Wife by a simple knot during a magic trick.
Angier shot Bourden's palm/fingers.
Bourden destroyed Angier's show by malicing one of his magic tricks.
Angier went to steal Bourden's magic trick.

However, desperate for the true magic of the original Transpotted man, Angier devised a lot of devious and cunning methods to dig up the truth.

At last, this movie manages to capture our attention by their trickery. the timeline is a bit messed up, but if you have half the brain i have, you should be able to figure it out at the end.

overall, i'd give this movie a solid 9/10

October 26, 2006


Anonymous said…
damn, u've watched it?! not here in aussie yet, and not out in torrents either. but i heard it's real good, better than the illusionist. (another movie i waana watch, with edward norton in it)
Jimmy Ang said…
i was hoping to catch the illusionist too but it's not out yet here. but it's out in torrents. the quality is not that good though so i guess i'll wait it out.

alex, go watch it. it's cool. and a damn nice show.
Anonymous said…
hey jimmy... fully agree with u. this is a very very nice show. the ending was unexpected. i've suspected the appearance of his twin brother cause the he didn't say a word thru out the whole show.

thumbs up for the show..

cheers, yee hui :)
Jimmy Ang said…
i kinda figured out what the trap door was for in the end but i didn't know bourden had a .... until the end when bourden said

"live life for the both of us"

the ball bounced and Falon caught it with his hand....

Anonymous said…
he said that? hmm.. never notice.. haha.. but abit stupid right? Angier has been trying to figure out the trick of the transported man.. he found a more sophisticated way by cloning. but the real trick is, Bourden has a twin brother.. hahaha...

so wat's up with u lately? havent seen u guys in awhile. i met Julian in Kampachi last Sunday.

Jimmy Ang said…

where the hell is that?


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