.the mischievious baby.

it came when i least expected it. the spizming hot jisms of yellow gooey liquid. damn that darn dog for pissing everywhere.

as soon as it pisses off, she jaywalks off like she owns the house. how can i ever punish that adorable face?

she looks at me with a distorted left eye and snickering lips. although her furs are messy by the sides of her mouth, she still amazes me. her charm seems irresistible but at the same time... i think she needs some disciplinary action.

i bought her a bell collar. this way, she'll be consistently disturbed by her ding-dongs. for me, it's an indication where that brat might be. which is good cause she's soooo good in hide and seek.

the ball that i bought for her is also somewhere inside the house. i wonder where she hid it.

i better hide my balls. in case she sees something similar and decides to chase it down like a cop on a drug case.
daily dose
October 30, 2006


Samantha said…
she's so cute! can't wait to c her...do bring her over to my hse next time to play wt Roccio when i'm back in bworth...dun dare to bring him to ur hse cos male tend to mark territory when there's another dog...so huahahaha...duwan ur hse to b full of pee pee ^^
Jimmy Ang said…
better dun bring ur roccio to my house and make my house HIS territory. i will die!

i'll see you when u get back k?

thnks for all the info.
Samantha said…
hey no prob pal! nid any help jz let me noe ya ^^...i'll b more than happy to help


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