.lovers or strangers?

is there a preconceived rule that people who can't be lovers has to be enemies or strangers?

they were sitting there. merely 10 steps ahead of us.

these were the people who i've spent 5 years of my life with. they were the ones i think i've known.. but you never actually know a person. you just merely know the reflection they portray right?

i reached the place and PlanetMars called me out. asked me to say that i came with him. and no one invited us.

"why?" i said.

"cause they're here" he said. they refers to my friends which i've known for more than 5 years.

"ok..." i said. but i guess it'd be hard to say that i came here only.. and with him only.

so we put our best foot forward and said hie to the two musketeers. they were there with their mates.. not anyone i know, i noticed.

then one of the musketeers asked us the inevitable,
"you're here to meet up with those guys?"

"yes, with PlanetMars" i figured that i might as well not LIE. besides, i doubt any story could be believable now besides the truth?

live honestly.

and then we went on to meet up with my other friends.

the two musketeers said they'd come and meet up later, if not to chat, at least to say hie i guess.

we sat there, each at our corners like strangers for almost an hour.
as they stood up to leave.

i noticed something.. they don't even bother to look back. they just stood up and go away.

i mean, i admit.. some of the people in the group are not really their best friends.. but i thought they were at least better than a bunch of sad and sorry asses.

as they leave, i felt a pange of twitch. it's not sadness. it's not regret.. just a feeling that i've never really known them. that they're different.

but i guess i understand them.. to one extent.

i felt no sadness when they walked away. just PITY.

pity that they can't rise above the challenge when it matters most... pity they can't face the challenge and has to resort to secret messages online or texting.

but at least one of them is better, one of them is coping. albeit he's following the footsteps a bit too close.

as i watch them leave, i made a vow that i hope i would never be like them.

why do we have to make it an option between lovers or strangers?

let's all be friends, regardless.
October 11, 2006


Anonymous said…
you are one last farking retarded wasting time bullshitting around,,
save the best for last..B E N G !!


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