.dustbin vandalised.

item : dustbin

definition : a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected , A dustbin is a container used to store refuse which can be made out of metal or plastic¹. Indoor bins are traditionally kept in the kitchen² to dispose of culinary excess such as fruit peelings or food packets, although there are also wastepaper baskets (sometimes called circular files) which are used in offices to dispose of (as the name suggests) waste paper and other office refuse.

types : industrial, pedal, stainless steel, lidded, commercial, residential.

uses :

1. weapon : to pick up and whack people's head. usually happens in street fights.
2. safety box : to place or discard evidences of mischief / criminal / adultery
3. residential : to sleep in by some homeless people
4. evidence : a place to capture images of speeding vehicles / reckless vehicles.

ops sikap takes a tragic turn. with all those cops out on patrol, they don't have time to stand still on a certain place. that's why they came out with this ingenious idea to place the camera in a dustbin and leave it there while they go for their "yam cha" sessions or buka puasa.

be careful, the cops are always improving.
daily dose
October 27, 2006


bukanmatrempit said…
is this in malaysia?
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, i heard this is in Penang
yeehui said…
hey.. email originated from me :D


btw, kampachi is a Japanese restaurant in EQ hotel.
Jimmy Ang said…
he was celebrating his bday?

more interesting... what were you doing there?
Andy said…
Whoever that sent you those pics left out the first one. It's not in Malaysia. Here's the full story behind it. :)

Eve said…
dont think its in penang ler..
Jimmy Ang said…
wtf...? why do they have to lie about shits like these. nincompoop maniacs.

so , PDRM is not that creative yet.

i hope this post doesn't give them any crazy ideas.


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