.call you back later.

i hate it when people says they'll call you back and then you spend like fucking 30 minutes or more waiting for that phone call which never came.

i fucking hate it when that happens.

i mean, how hard it is to remember calling your fucking mate back?

how hard? tell me?

if i ever get one more asshole who says this to me and never calls me back.. i'll plummel his rectum with soy sauce. don't ask me why but this is the nearest thing i thought of.

anyway, in mind of all those dumb people who can't seem to remember to call their friends back after saying those magic words.. i've got some plausible solutions which they could use.

1. if someone calls you at an unsuitable time like you're having a meeting, in a movie or having hot sex with someone other than your wife. don't tell him you'll call him back. instead, ask him to text you if you're having a meeting... or ask him to call you back (insert time before movie finishes) or ask him to call you back in 5 minutes.. since your sexual parade will end in 5 minutes.. if you're not over in 4.. speed it up.

2. if someone who you don't want to listen to calls you and you don't wish to talk to him/her... just make weird noises and moan while saying fuck me loud enough so that the person next to the caller can hear you through the phone. that way, they'd think he was having phone sex. this will surely get him to hang up. if you're in a public place.. just pretend that you're an answering machine.
"the number you have dialed is out of the service area. please leave a message after the beep tone. beep....."

3. Make a point or sign on your body. That way, you'll be reminded about the call everytime you see the sign.

4. write it down on your forehead. or ask someone to write it down on your forehead "call Lee BACK"

then the next time you see your fucking face in the mirror, you'll remember.
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October 12, 2006


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