.all in a day's work.

i've always wanted to go to Pasar Ramadhan. For those of you nincompoops who don't know what a "Pasar Ramadhan" is let me just try to explain it in layman's terms.

it's actually a market full of different varying wonderful superlicious foods. these markets only sprout in the month of "Ramadhan". "Ramadhan" is actually the month before the Malay's Hari Raya Puasa. Ramadhan is a month where the Islams fast from early morning till late evening. That is from 'sahur' till 'buka puasa' i think.

whatever, if you can read whatever shit words i'm writing here, most probably you already know what it is. if you don't know how to read these shits, then most probably you wouldn't even know what i'm writing anyway. and best yet, you don't really care. right?

anyway, i went the other day and i wanted to get the laksa. unfortunately.. due to the location, we were gonna have the food there and then. i ain't not gonna order a take away "laksa". no! definitely not. but i guess i had to cause they were not putting out any tables. however, at that time, i was having plans to go another place later so i had to forgo the "laksa" and bought some burgers instead. lousy burgers.

however, thinking about the yummy laksa and how i missed it the other day... i wanted to go get it again a couple of days back. but i was lazy to go alone. so i called my friend and asked her to come with me.

her reaction was ... urm... how do i say this...

slow and cautious..

and i asked her "what's wrong?"

she said "you want to go snatch food from those hungry people is it? people damn hungry ady somemore want to snatch food from them?"

"damn it." i said "no lar."

sometimes my friends can be quite sarcastic bitches. lol.

yesterday was the 12th of October right. it was my friend's birthday, JoyfuLing.

JoyfuLing wasn't exactly the typical person who i would take the effort to remember his brithday but he's one damn lucky bastard. no matter what year it is.. i could never forget his birthday.

Maybe he just oozes sex appeal which i love to snuggle right up. yeah right.....

maybe it's just because he has the same birth date as my dad.

"Happy Birthday Dad".

So, yesterday we went to Auto-City Juru to celebrate. And we ended up in McD. What a fucking lousy place to celebrate someone's birthday. If I had my birthday in McD, i think i would die. Yeah, definitely.

I wanted to grab Coffee Bean's Honey Dew and so, we changed location and I ended up with the Orange Sunrise. Why?

Cause they were not having Honey Dew IB anymore. Which pretty much sucks up the day. I was soooo looking forward to HDIB. Fuck it.

Not to mention Swensens was closed too. So double whammy fucked up.

I'm trying to redeem my Razr V3i from my bro because I'm so fucking bored of a Nokia. (don't kill me nokia fanboys).

I mean, I have no qualms about it... but the ugly side of Nokia is starting to get to me.... Like how I can't flip it up to ooze some sex appeal.

Besides, the shitty phone can't do anything besides calling and sms.

which is the main purpose of a phone anyway right?

ohhh... i so miss MP3 ringtones. fuck polyshitnics.
October 13, 2006


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