.serve me.

To my dearest customer,
Now our company BLA BLA BLA., got promotion to my all customer to get the lowest price to advertising your company free gift. Our company have this kind service to you. Skill Screen Printing, Sticker Printing, T-Shirt, Ball Pen, Gifts & Etc. We are ready for servicing you. Above attach file is a display file. If my dear customer want to get more picture product please just tell us.
We'll send you at the same time.
My dear customer, if got any don't understanding please call or e-mail to us. We'll serve you in the short time.
Thank you to supportting our company.
I got this in the mail today. From a supplier of mine. They are ready to "servicing" me?

They'll "send me" at the same time?

I wonder what they mean by "serve me in the short time"?

Does that mean they're real good or I'm real lame? Bloody hell!
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September 28, 2006


Sharon said…
wow, this kind of english vocab also can be put in charge to deal with customers ar?
mensiasuikan >_<


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