.nasty stomachache.

i woke up with a nasty stomachache.
it felt like a thousand maggots wriggling and struggling to get out of my stomach.
they were most probably biting the entrails of my organs every now and then.

i thought it was lack of food first. i thought it's something i could just pass through after an hour or so.

boy, was i wrong. never could've been more wrong in my life.

have you guys ever went to work with a nasty stomach ache? it sure doesn't help your work ability or capability. in fact it doesn't even help your mood.

i got a ride to my workplace and then start putting everything to ready.

then i felt a wave of pure pain.

i crept down and pushed my face down my hands. it was so painful i could've been sweating and i wouldn't have known it.

i had to endure that for 3 hours. and during those times, i had to put on a face for the customers. not a very likeable face i admit, but still better than a face grimacing in pain.

most probably a sombre face. and a face which looks like it was about to explode feces from the rectum.

after three hours, i went to the toilet and sat inside for a pure 20 minutes just grimacing in pain.
i don't care about anything, i just want to be able to show an expression and the cubicle looks like a good enough spot.

and then i went out with a not so straight face.
i sat down and slept. thank god there wasn't any customers at that time.

after 30 minutes, it was ok. i was feeling fine.

as i take the ride back to the office, i wondered about the pain and whether anyone has endured these causeless and useless pains which come and go.

and then my mind goes to all those females who have period cramps every month.
may god bless you.
daily dose
September 23, 2006


nn9ty said…
glad that you are feeling better. better take good care of yourself, mate!

p/s- i think u r having too much mamak lah. that's prolly what caused your stomach ache
Jimmy Ang said…
nah, i didn't think it was the mamak. it was the corns i had. i had two which was too mcuh for my little tummy.

corns are a bitch.
Sharon said…
wow, sounds pretty awful
could it be appendix?
you should get it checked out dude :)
Jimmy Ang said…
it's better now. so, i don't want to mess around with it too much. don't even know what i could tell the doc.



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