Misaki Ito @ Misaki Itoh

Misaki Ito / Misaki Itoh
Shows I've caught her in:

The Lead Actress for Train Man (Densha Otoko) and You're Under Arrest!
Currently watching her as the supporting actress in Gokusen.

Spokesperson/Model for Shiseido's Touch Maquillage.

Her real name was Anzai Tomoko but god knows why, now she's called Misaki Ito / Misaki Itoh.

She's starred in numerous TV shows and Movies. But my all time favourite of her in the movies I've caught her in would be Densha Otoko.

I've seen her do the kind, gentle lady. I've seen her as the bad ass, strong but tomboyish gal, I've even seen her as the uptight, desperate lady. It ain't only about the beautiful face of hers that attracts people.

More pictures of her.
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September 25, 2006


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