.tired of job.

i'm kind of down right now. everyone seems to enjoy their 23rd year but i guess i'm gonna cruise through this like it was a nightmare with a mild sedative in my hand.

i mean, going to work was supposed to be exciting and finding jobs was supposed to be nice but i guess attending interviews and hopping around writing resumes and praying for a reply is too hard for me. not to mention that most of the jobs i want are situated in KL. it just plain sucks you know. not to be able to work in my hometown. maybe i should settle for something less but people who know me should know better that when it comes to my priorities, i never settle for something less.

call me an arrogant bastard or whatever but i like high flying. i like challenges and those challenges can only be as challenging as the tasks given.

anyway, as bored as i am with all these job finding (not as if i applied to many), i'm going to a career fair tomorrow in prangin mall, penang. i don't know but waking up at 8 and preparing myself like there's no tomorrow would be kind of a bummer. and not to mention i have problems combing my hair. i feel as if sometimes my hand is retarded like the show from one of the scary movie sequels. i can't comb my hair to look professional without looking retarded and nerdy.

i'm tired, you know. going through all these shits. sometimes i just want to get a job (whatever it is) and get over with it.

i pawned my razr v3i to my brother. cause he wanted a sleek phone for a while. now, i'm using some lousy nokia but i can adapt.

the main reason i pawned my hp is because i need cash. i never thought this day'd come but i'm broke and if job doesn't come knocking in front of my door i might have to hire an excavator to dig one of those ATMs in my neighbourhood. no kidding......

with graduation coming soon, i need the money to buy flowers and stuffed...oversized...money sucking...dildos... i mean cute teddy bears for my gf. yes, i have a gf.

i gotta go submit this shitty form but i need stamps from the post office first. so, cya.

and you know i love ya all.
August 18, 2006


Anonymous said…
Exactly!!! All the jobs are in KL. At least there's 'better' jobs in Penang than in Kuching? Ugh. Thank god I got the part-time teaching job. At least better than a salary of RM500 for a month of dishwashing.

Btw...why do you have to buy for her? She has to buy for you also what. Better both buy nothing...save money. Heh.


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