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it's been a while since i posted. sorry, i need a life and a break sometimes. haven't been REALLY busy but i have stuffs.

besides, these few days were spent travelling my arse off till it's red like a monkey's.

i just finished two interviews during this duration and yet i'm still uncertain about which one i prefer. sometimes, beginning a career is so damn HARD. i wonder how do people start off. i mean, if people can manage to start their million dollar career by cleaning a bus, why is it so god damn hard to believe that anything can happen in this world.

i don't know, people can be so materialistic and dependent on status. Even though you earn hundreds of thousands selling "apom balik" you'd still have less respect than the one earning thousands as an engineer.

i dunno, i guess maybe i'm one of those guys looking at people with one eye shut. that's why it's so hard deciding on a career path.

anyway, gillian chung got her picture/video posted adjusting her bra. My friend said...

"it's disgusting. I'm gonna google for it."

i laughed and he said.

"usually the people who says they're disgusted or disagree with these actions are the first ones googling for it."

me? i have no comments. it's a more diplomatic answer right?

i gtg get my robe tomorrow. or maybe today. but it's too late now.

tomorrow it is then....
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August 29, 2006


nn9ty said…
you know what buddy, I wrote about the same dilemma in my latest blog entry too! It seems to me that people do have certain expectations from you once you graduated and most of the times we are "pressured" to live up to it in order to "maintain" our "status", if you know what I mean. And I can't agree with you more when you wrote about the apom seller vs. engineer. How true.

Anyway, ever thought about taking an unconventional route after college?
nn9ty said…
oh btw, congratulations on graduation! have fun!
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks nit. i replied in your blog but i guess i'd hve to repeat it here.

now, i'm trying to venture into a career which is not really conventional. hope to tell you all about it when the dust settles.


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