.my car and my fate.

i was taking my car down for a cruise. it has been such a long time since it started and guzzled oil for me but for the last few days, it's behaving. i guess i could trust it long enough to take it down to the lab and do some of my work.

true enough, i went to the car and revved up the engine.

"hmm..no problems so far"

i was ecstatic, it's like having a 100 year old bank note come back shining. although it could use a bit of a bath since the exterior and maybe... interior looks like shite, but i have full faith that the internal workings of a machine must be put as 1st priority instead of the exterior. what good is a merc if it can't run for a mile or two?

anyway, the way there was smooth and nice. i had no problems and neither did my car. i'm so beaming proud of it. the feeling is kinda like a father looking at your child have his/her first walk or saying his/her first word. maybe i'm blowing it a little but i guess it can't be helped.

i mean, i've had a retarded car for soooooooo freaking long, it's now back to normal again... without even needing to see a psyche.

so.. feeling happy but a bit nervous,

fast forward a few hours later when it's time to go home.

i head to the car... anticipating that if problem is gonna arise, it's gonna be now... i'm gonna be stuck in this place cause my car won't start?


the beautiful sound of a start up engine.

i love my car. on the way back home, i met with flashing blue lights. i thought they were road works but it turned out to be cops.

as i came closer, they pulled me over.

"encik, apa masalahnya?"
"mr, what's the problem?"

"your road tax has expired. did you know that?"

"wtf? oopppss. sorry. really? sorry, i didn't know." (this was a lie)

"well, i'm gonna give you a chance on this one but your signal light for the rear right is not working too."

"really?... shit! sorry sir, i didn't know." (this was also a lie)

"i could've let you go on this one too but there's only one problem.."


"your front number plate is gone"

"cheebye." i walked to the front of my car, and true to the fuck! it's beloved shit is gone. not one letter or two... the whole plate was broken. leaving the screws and some remnants of shit.

"sorry sir... can you please gimme a chance. i swear to god i never knew about this" (which is true)

"sorry mr. here, take your fine. please settle it at the nearest police station as soon as possible"


i guess three chances was pushing it a bit too far.

the wheel of luck always turn back.
daily dose
August 21, 2006


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