.Merdeka ad.

i saw this post and it inspired me to come out with my own version of a Merdeka ad.

Scene 1: A couple was walking along the beach where they saw a boy throwing an empty bottle of water. They walk towards the boy, shook their head and picked up the empty bottle silently. then they deposited it into the rubbish bin.

Scene 2: A family was driving and they were trapped in a massive traffic jam. A car swerved to the left from their rear and tried to overtake them in the quee. The driver, shook his head and let the other driver overtook him. He then continued on his journey silently.

Scene 3: A young boy was caught for driving over the speed limit. He was stopped by the traffic police. He slipped 50 bucks under his license. The officer took it, saw it, shook his head and gave the money back to him.

Scene 4: The couple, the family and the police officer all sat down in the same restaurant, enjoying their meal. Then suddenly, the TV posts a footage of Tunku Abdul Rahman's Merdeka Declaration. They all simultaneously nod their head.

Fades out to a footage of Jalur Gemilang flying high in the sky.

Text comes out :
our country, our pride, your decision.

small hidden text : http://jeemee.blogspot.com

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August 25, 2006


Tok Rimau said…
Good one Jimmy boy. The message is clear.

Get some friends. Start shooting the movie.
Deriku said…
so will you be directing too?
Anonymous said…
Speaking from experience for Scene 3 jimmy?
Anonymous said…
small hidden text : http://jeemee.blogspot.com

good hidden text, i will be willing to be one of the character for you....haha


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