the day is coming near. and while i seem to think that i have some degree of control over my life, i can't help but wonder whether it's an opinion i choose to believe, were led to believe or want and need to believe.

all my life, things have been happening around me and i made choices to handle all these situations. and while these things keep happening, i never once in my life thought that i had no control over the events in my life.

we all like to think that we have a degree of control over our life, don't we. if we leave it all to fate or whatever dumb luck we call it, then what's the point of struggling for something.

however, isn't it ironic that sometimes, someplace, somewhere... something happens to remind us that we're not in charge of the events in our life. we're just cruising along the road, taking turns and changing lanes. but the paths all lead to the same place. we have to pass the same road sign.


i still couldn't believe that Siti married Datuk K. My mom (who never actually knew who the hell Siti was till they got engaged) said that no one in her office can accept the fact too.

Isn't it ironic how this controversial issue has gotten out of bounds... it's such a hot topic that everyone is talking about it. bloggers included.

see it here, here and here. there's more but i couldn't be bothered.

however, it piqued my interest that while the talk about getting engaged got front page in almost every newspaper, the ceremony itself got a small piece in the local news.

maybe all those slamming and bashing the previous time about newspapers giving importance to celebrity news over tragedies came into effect.

i really don't care. she's gorgeous but she's married to someone who can be her father for god's sake.

i know love knows no boundaries but maybe this is an indication of a trophy wife and women who has a thing for married men.

what is it with married men who attracts women?

financially stable? kick ass merc?

or the fact that they are more sexually experienced?

i dunno... i'm just confused. it hasn't sinked in yet.
August 23, 2006


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