.back to the old me.

i feel so proud of myself.

first of all, the car tyre incident.
i managed to change the whole fucking tyre. i feel so proud of myself. i know i might sound like a fucking sissy but who said a guy knows how to change a tyre naturally must be an idiot! i mean, i've learnt how to change it, it doesn't come naturally (as in some women) like giving birth or breastfeeding for god's sake.

then i've taken the first step into the corporate world by actually.... sending my resumes... again, a big accomplishment! i feel like i should go congratulate myself by watching another bout of hours of TVB series! hehe. kidding.

then today, i did some work in the office. WHOA! work baby?
yeah, i managed to clean up and prep the records.

now, i'm blogging... like an ardent blogger. WTF?
the winds must've changed.

tonight i'm going to buy my lounge suit for my graduation. OMFG, another procrastination dealed with.

and i didn't buy any shoes for my graduation cause i managed to dig up my old hush puppies and i'm thinking i'll just shoe shine it till it's black and shining.

now my car is in the workshop. i've prepped it for some medical check up cause it keeps fucking up like no one's business and when i take it to the doc, it just acts all normal and shit.

argh, fuck it. i bet it has some supernatural power that is trying to make my life a fucking miserable ordeal. it exists just to fuck my life upside down. really. some cars have the audacity to rebel against their owners?

doesn't my 1988 SAGA realize that it's fucking age is enough cause for me to send it to be eaten by the junkyard? isn't it fucking scared of me and the mean tractor who's gonna trash it into pieces?

fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.
August 9, 2006


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