.work is what i make of it.

i've been hanging around having the time of my life long enough. i guess it's about time i settle down and get a job. life without work for these past few months has been a blast and an adventure. but i've learnt quite a couple of things. maybe not work related but definitely life-changing.

i'm still oblivious to what i want to be when i reach 28. i'm still unsure of my career path.

but i think i have a direction and i guess i just have to follow those directions. yes, there's more than 1. maybe 2. that's why i said i'm not sure.

i've written my resume for a particular company but i haven't submitted it in yet. i guess i still need to get my picture taken. maybe tomorrow. maybe later.

life is very short to make mistakes. and if i do make one today, i hope one day, i'd be able to wake up and go back to where it started.

don't ask me about my life. just carry on...
daily dose
July 24, 2006


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