.what happened to god?

two days ago, that is on Saturday, i was at St. Anne's. Oblivious to the tragedy that happened to a bus of pilgrims.

i mean, isn't it weird?

these devout followers who were on their way to a place of worship was killed in a freak bus accident. I mean, the bus swerved and fell into a ditch, either by mechanical malfunction or human negligence, it's not important. the important thing is that they died. i mean some of them.

what did they do to deserve such treatment? if god was up there, shouldn't he/she be watching over the people that cherish them? shouldn't they be protecting them instead of letting bad things happen?

i mean, these shit happen all the time. people on their way to a house of god and kaboom.. they're dead.

don't give me all that god loves them more than us bull crap or god is testing them bullcrap. god can test a lot of people in a lot of ways and i don't believe this is one of the more suitable methods.

sometimes, there are things that we can't explain happen. like that kid who was kidnapped by his own uncle (i believe) and killed. he was young and naive. what did he do to deserve it?

a lot of things happen and there's only two words that i believe can describe this phenomenon in the whole dictionary....

shit happens.

and we pray usually because we wish for something. and we want something. or we need something. some people pray for that chick next door to look at him one more time and give him a blowjob. others pray for eternal life.

there's also the more suitable and reasonable ones like people praying for their parent's well being, their loved ones safety, etc...

a lot of unexplained things happen in this world. and a lot of innocent lives are killed everyday. i don't believe god loves them more than others or god is testing us. i believe it's part and parcel of life. and life goes on.

it's strange how these things happen to us when all these time we talk as if these things happen to other people only. like they're the kind of things that other people have and we will never experience.

but it does happen to us. and when it hits you, we usually would think that time would stop as life stopped. we think that "THAT one life" meant more to the world than it did. we think that the world is supposed to stop to let them go. but it doesn't. we would be amazed at how insignificant they are. people still go to work. there's no public holiday. life still goes on, people come and they go back to their happy family and they sleep over it.

no matter how insignificant one's life is. always remember that you are the one who make someone immortal. they live on in our memories and they fade as we forget. as a part of us dies. and along with us, we take them together.

so, unless everyone who remembers "YOU" dies, you still live on. life is not immortal and life is fragile... but we live on longer than we expect.
July 31, 2006


sleepwalker said…
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sleepwalker said…
Sorry about the previous deleted comment...there was a grammatical error there.

IMHO, God doesn't cause bad things to happen to us. This is life; it's fleeting. But God certainly gives us strength to carry on in the face of adversity, and provides comfort to the desolate.


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