.tossing the coin of fate.

i'm in the middle of a dilemma. one side of my personality wants to go out... get a job and experience the world. coprporate world. this means i might have to move out of this cocoon i'm staying in right now and get out into the danger and independent zone.

i know it's not too difficult to get out and move away cause i've been living out of this cocoon for 5 years now. albeit a rough but sweet 5 years i must add. i've learnt a lot of things in these 5 years like bills, rubbisgh, negotiating with stubborn landlords, dirt... lots of dirt, food, transportation and basically all those nitpicks that we just relied on other people and seem to neglect it.

now, don't get me wrong, the main problem is and will never be the issue of moving out. but its the choice of getting out into the corporate world.

my mom and bro wants me to get to know the family business before moving on to the corporate world. they said at least i know what to do in the company should the need arise. and i guess working for the family company is not too bad either. but maybe i prefer a more active lifestyle, writing for instance. i love writing and although grammatically, i could never be perfect... yet... i know practice makes perfect. i don't know. at one side, i want to go out and prove myself. another i want to indulge in the family business and run it successfully.

i guess choices are never easy for anyone.

i gotta ponder on it some more. whatever choice i make, let's hope it's for the better.
heads or tails?

anyway, here's something for the world cup boys... [here] and [here]

have a gud day.
July 4, 2006


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