.my friend the fat black head.

sometimes i think i need to admit that my vivid imagination kind of gets me carried away. and if not for my distinct sense of shame, i would've been doing silent chop kicks and karate stuffs in the middle of the street. much to the surprise and awe of the public i must admit.

now, i have a friend... let's call him fat black head. and he's kind of money minded. i mean, much to my surprise he asked me to help him do some chores and he says the money is insufficient. so he asks me to pay some for him first and he'll give it back to me later.

well, i trusted him and because it's not a very big amount of money; i didn't care much and thought less about it.

however, after that; i met him somewhere and you know what he told me?

the fucker said..

"jimmy, i owe you 20 bucks right? you want me to pay back ar?"

he continued "i think you owe me more than that wei... if you want me to pay, today's dinner on you. everything."

the dinner is not some cheapo stuff ok? i think it all amounts to about 50 bucks.

i mean, what did the fucker have for balls? and brains?

i think the only time i owe him was when he took me out for an outing. he was the driver and it wasn't even his car nor his petrol.

and the other time we both said we were hungry and he fetched me there, but i think i all his tabs were on me that during dinner. so i think that's that.

i think what he meant by "i owe him more than that" is for all the hp downloads that i took from him. i need to pay my friend for hp songs or videos? what kind of a fucking friend is that?

i remember once he wanted to give me a ringtone and i said ok..

he asked me to belanja him mocha or cannot take the download.

i straight away said "no" but i think the amount of people there made him ashamed of his words and he tried to beam the song to me.

but it couldn't get through because of format incompatibility anyway.

what kind of a friend asks money for ring tones?


sometimes i feel like confronting him and telling him to fuck off.

i always imagined what it would be like to grab a bottle from the table and smash his fucking head. and then when he falls down from the impact, i'd step on his cheebye tummy and throw 50 bucks on the floor. and then i'd say to him...

"money ah? money ah? you want money ah? nah.... 50 bucks for you.... now get the fuck out of my face. our fucking friendship (if it's called one) ends here."

i dunno why but in the end of my imagination... i always come out the triumphant one.

serves the fat black head right. miniscule pea brain mother fucker.
July 19, 2006


Sharon said…
oh wow, this post reminds me of a friend of mine. i did not see her anymore now but she's definitely more or less like your friend :P maybe a little less money minded haha
Jimmy Ang said…
there's always one in the group ain't there?

btw, welcome. "_^


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