.lost memories.

"mom, dad, i want mimilo.."

that's what i heard a young boy telling his parents. i guess the parents could be young.. roughly around 25-30 years old. and the toddler is so cute. probably i have that perception because his parents are a beautiful pair too.

"sure? ask kak to buy for you"

and with that dismissal, the responsibilities of a father just evaporates. it is now up to the maid who is holding the baby while the parents are having ais-kacang and asam laksa... to go get this cute toddler a pack of milo. the maid was standing up beside the table and holding the kid.. not sitting down with the rest of the family. something to do with status differentiation?

and she comes back with a pack of milo and the kid sips it enthusiastically. trying to tell his dad that he loves the drink.

the dad was receptive of his son's comments but nevertheless, there wasn't much adoration or coo-ing around. just the usual ...

"is it? nice ar?"

i know these pair.. they own a side corner restaurant which is quite famous in our area. his skills are FAST. i mean, i think young people always work faster but i have to admit, he was good.

the restaurant are usually full on a saturday night but on weekdays, it's not that bad also.

anyway, i was looking at these couple and the way they are handling their child. they're busy during the night.. no doubt. and they are most probably tired during the day. my bet is that they sleep all the way till the late sunshine. maybe around 12 or 1pm.

i look at the cute toddler and wondered whether i would treat my child the same exact way as this couple...

it's easier throwing the responsibilities and getting a maid to do everything but kids really grow up so fast... and the memories they have ... should be limited.

i thank god i never had a maid to care for me when i was small... this way, i remembered the hardship i had when i was small.... every little thing from the moment my parents came back through the door after a hard day's work and my feeling of anticipation watching that door.

but maybe if i did have a maid taking care of my every whim... i might still be looking at the door with the same feeling..? who knows?
blood is thicker than water?

i doubt that... imagine finding out that you were adopted when you reach 20... wouldn't your dad still be your dad? will the presence of a real parent change the way you feel for this couple who have stayed with you and showered you with love?

as i walk away... i take a look back at this family. they look like a well functioning happy family.

but i wondered if he (the toddler) would remember today better if he was sitting there with his parents enjoying ice-kacang together.
July 7, 2006


akmj said…
wah... suddenly jimmy comes up with posts like this :)

how ru man?


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