.more dumb pics of China.

...back on popular demand.

warning, there's a lot of pictures... go get a cup of coffee while waiting for it to load...

flowers are nice there...

outside forbidden city. they say the walls are slanted.

modified four walled motorbike... cool heh. these are almost everywhere.

see these patterns on top? they're on every freaking palace...

i think this lady slumped her feet walking too much..

the normal culture of picture taking. of course i took my fair share of camera whoring.

not your average kayak

view from the room of my first hotel. i stayed in .. alltogether 3.

their main lrt/subway/train station

catman... on the great wall of china.

another view from the great wall.

one of the great blunders of the chinese imperial rule. see all those rapings? they're being watched by the emperor who can't do nuts about it....

ming's tomb. the emeperor's throne

ming's tomb

shiong mau aka PANDA

panda... one of the gates into the beijing city centre.

guinness man.... the largest statue made from a single sandalwood tree

this statue lar..

forget where's this... the bell temple or some other place i think...

more to come....

June 17, 2006


Anonymous said…
I love their train station! and the panda...I just have to look at the mirror to see a panda though. Heh.
Anonymous said…
lol, the panda looks like its picking its nose from this angle
Jimmy Ang said…
leen: your eyes damn black? too much partying?

borigest: lol.... i never took it in that way but now that you mentioned it... it will never be the same again.


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