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Humans worry too much. Really, they worry about the future, the present and heck, they even worry about the past.

I mean, come on, why worry about the fucking past when the past is already over. Nothing you do or can do or will do .... can change this fact.

And why worry about the present? The present is a gift. That's why it's called a "present"!

And most importantly, the future. I've been doing some thinking about my future until recently I've decided that I've had enough of it and I really need to stop worrying. I really don't know how long we'll live and what'll happen the next minute but right now, as a single independent living soul... I really should have no concerns about my future and I believe I should cherish these moments before I start getting commitments like a (bluek) KID or even a ... WIFE?

God forbid, at that time... my head will be full of worries. Worried about their safety, their future and even their next meal.

So, for now... I've decided to live life for the moment. I haven't even started to seriously find a job yet. I'm being a lazy ass in the house and occasionally helping my mom out with her business, but other than that, life is like a breeze. I have free time to brush up on my mandarin and my cantonese by watching shows. i mean, long fucking taiwanese and hongkie dramas.

my current drama is "devil beside me" and "au revoir shanghai". I hope I can finish them soon.

I still have so many places I want to go, so many things I want to do. I want to go to Phuket, Redang, Taiwan, HK, Aus, UK, Swiss, Venice, Paris.... So many places, so many things... so little time.

That's what they always say... but I guess it's all an excuse. time can be arranged. Life experiences can't. Time flies.. Life experiences live on.

I've decided I want to have fun while I can.. so to all those people asking me when I'm getting employed? Shove that filthy dirt ass job up your tight arse. I'm going with my heart and going where I want to be...

That is... until my cash revenue runs blank....

which I think could be rather soon... ;)

Next stop? Phuket!
June 16, 2006


akmj said…
hey i agree with u that the present is a gift!

enjoy ur hols! n keep me updated ya, if there's anything new in ur life

btw, im gonna take driving license
mob1900 said…
Still can have a good time when running short of dough, but that's the spirit i guess. Long time no 'sea', bro!

...and get started on that 'get a job' thingy you lazy-ass! lolx
Hey i read one of ur old entries. about xiaxue.

nice. :) i like ur writing style


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