.the aftermath.

Hitz.FM football festival started off pretty early and i didn't get to see the whole of it through but i managed to squeeze in during the last few hours. My friend was ecstatic meeting Adam and we managed to take a picture with him and Ean. You, know, they're always on hitz after JJ and Rudy. 10 am onwards... weekdays i think. words can't describe it.. maybe pictures will.
the sponsor :)

the setting

live fire show

center stage.

jason lo playing fussball and shouting "Climax Baby!" whenever he's hoping for a goal.

i'll be in KL for a while. Asta La Vista...
Adam and Ean? It's still in my friend's camera... maybe next time. maybe not... you can always catch Adam on 8tv quickie..Ean? Argh... next time lar...
June 26, 2006


Anonymous said…
i missed that party! oh well.


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