.sickening questions.

i've been making my usual rounds lately and the things i've been hearing keep repeating itself.

people keep asking me things like.

"finish studying?"
"got work ady or not?"
"when wan to start work?"
"got teach tuition ar?"

WTF? I tell you lot of people that being jobless is certainly irritating. I mean, it can be nice at first because we get to enjoy the fruits of life like lepak-ing at the mamak stall until the midst of midnight, putting out your two hands and taking money from mom (mom's been bitching about it though nowadays... ), sleeping until the wee hours of morning, watching serial movies non-stop and having DVD marathons.

When people start asking us questions like the one i pointed above, it really pisses you off to the MAX, I mean it! What's up with being unemployed? anything wrong? HELLO?!!!!

I figured i'm gonna be working my ass off for the rest of my life so a couple of months rest won't really hurt a fly. Sometimes, when these people open their mouth, I just feel like giving them a slap and pulling their teeth out from their gums.

After that I'd say... Yes, I'm crazy and unemployed sooo.... FUCK OFF!
May 12, 2006


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