Some idiots just can't do work.

I have nothing against my FORMER education institution but when i received a message today notifying me and a couple of my mates that we haven't submitted our BORANG MOHON GRADUAN.... whatever the fuck it's for.... I was really pissed.

I remembered clearly doing all the paperworks, getting them verified and moving my ass from one place to the other just to find my lecturers. and I remembered clearly passing it up directly in the office to the person in charge. And guess what, the person in charge has the BALLS to say that none of us who went during that time have passed up our BMG.... that sunuvabitch....

I am really pissed, not because of this incident only but because I drank too much coffee yesterday. But nevertheless, you know PISSED...

I'm going to China next week and maybe won't be blogging for one whole week. Not that anyone's gonna miss me but SOME might.... :)

So, let's get over all these stupid official university stuff.

I'm checking my laboratories front page report and i'm amazed at the lack of speeling ability these people have. I would've whopped their asses in a spelling bee competition.

Imagine spelling FORMERLY as FORMELY. and having an e-mail adress with the @yahoo.mail?

who the fuck has that kind of e-mail adress?

they can't spell FORMERLY correctly but I'm amazed that they can spell cinnamon and invincible correctly. and WTF is myrrh..?

oh, yeah. I was at a friend's gathering yesterday to celebrate my friend's birthday and some weird acronyms keep popping out. I guess the net-talk have finally made it into our daily-life.

when people are confused... they are so lazy to PRONOUNCE "What The Fuck".... instead, they acronize (is this even a word?) it to WTF.... yes, as in .... "DoubleU Tee Ef". Lazy tonguers.

next thing we'd know, people'd start with acronyms during conversations... like

"Hey, I heard X's Cousin's Dad's Friend's Son Fucked Away.

"OMGWTFBBQ" (Oh Em Gee DoubleU Tee Ef Bi Bi Kiu)

really retarded i tell you. How am I gonna educate future generations with stuffs like this cropping up all the time. I can't even talk properly to my child next time. During breakfast, he'd be going like....

"OMG, I'm late for school. TTYL dad"





May 22, 2006


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