.the death.

I lie down in the corner. Enjoying the light sunny day. It is raining outside and I wonder when it'll stop. I need to go for my usual stroll again. Little did I know that "water" today is the theme of my death. What a cruel and tearful day for my family... where ever they are.

I'm an orphan, left by my parents since I was small. I had to scourge the dustbins and dirts for food since I can remember. My eyes are blurry and full of multiple images. But it never occured to me that I was maybe having problems with my eyes. I had no one to compare with, no one to advise me of my condition.

Today, I lie down and see the great powers unleash their fury. The rain outside is locking me in this position and caused today's unwanted and fatal incident.

He comes in to my house, uninvited... unwanted.

I see him tresspass my territory and I know I am helpless against a creature of such size.

He whips out his machine gun. I saw an opportunity.

As I was moving up and down, around and about... He saw a chance and started aiming at me.

His gun wasn't the normal netgun. This time, it's a water hosing gun. I was amazed, shocked and intrigued. I moved elegantly... evading his shots.

But I knew I can't run forever, I am not NEO... I am not the ONE.

He hosed me down into a pool of water and I could instantly feel the scorch on my skin.

The SOB is utilizing hot water. What an ingenuine idea. The bastard knew what he was doing. The fragrance from the pool of humongous water that he hosed me down to did not deter me. I swam and cling on for dear life. Sometimes I think that the water from the pool saved me from the scorching heated water from the hose.

Then, he was out of bullets. His supply of hot water is now gone. I swam for dear life.

But little do I know the real danger is only about to begin.


I stand there like a king looking down on the fly that I shot down with my piss onto the toilet bowl.

I smirked a little and gave a sigh of relief. Mankind = 1 Pests = 0.

And then my hand flushed it down the toilet.

There goes the lousy buzzing insect.
May 30, 2006


Anonymous said…
Siao. Practising your writing ha?


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