.totally friends.

there are a lot of things i am happy for. so if i die today...

i thank god for the nice friends that i have.

i mean, i realize now that they've played a very important part in molding who i am today. let's just say i am here today because of them.

they've brought me through tons of fun and hell. glad to say, they never trapped me into drugs, alcoholism or smoking. alcoholism would be okay but i guess my liver never really got used to it. one sniff and i'd be down like a rabbit in a rabbit hole. i know i know, bad analogy but who da fok cares right?

well, let's see now. who should i thank first.

kuang kia.
i've know him like... since kindergarten. he's a cool guy. a "LITTLE" playboyish but still cool.

yeap kia.
the good guy and smart guy. he's like our big brother when it comes to homework. haha. we always go to his house and ask him to tutor us. for FREE! hehe.

tony kia.
the most playful of all. at least used to be. he was always sporting and outgoing. i respect him for that. always going out making friends, having fun. but alas... i think a girlfriend spoiled him and tied him down. but i guess whatever rocks his boat.

tham kia.
mr. shorty is the real snoopy collector. i say that cause he has been dating since form 1 i think. i remember in standard six, he courted a girl by giving her a card. in the card it has a question and two "tick" boxes. The question is...
"do you love me?"
yes -
no -

haha. creative heh?!

and then there's
chin hee kia, neh kia and pet kia.
chine hee kia is the real big brother cause he's older than all of us. a real kaki alligator this fella. but then damn yeng. kaki clubbing along with neh kia and pet kia.
these three are the epitome of clubbing guys in our group. no one can fight them. and chin hee kia was our tour organisor last time. anywhere we go, he'd be the one organising. maybe cause we're too naive and lazy last time. hehe.

neh kia is special. he's the hokkien speaking indian in our group. pet kia is also special, he's most probably the only tamil speaking chinese in our group.
and i still don't know whether he's chinese.

nit kia. the smartest asshole. but now he's under JPA scholarship so can't talk much about him.

ling kia. the chubby one and cutest guy i've ever met. also one hell of an outgoing and sporting fella.

chiew kia. i can still remember his usual comment and remarks "tomorrow got test lar" (in hokkien) whenever we asked him out.

khoo kia. a big bully in primary days. a very promising guy but a tad bit childish and immature at times. a good guy nonetheless. a bit alligator though....

and then there's the girls. which i can't talk about. or my other half will be jealous giler. and all hell will break lose. and i don't want that to happen. neither do you right? .... right?

fuck off.

the people in JB who made a difference in my life?

my other half. the end. life sucks here. the only other male in my course is an asshole. amen.
if it wasn't because of the fact that he is the only other male in my course... i would've fucked him off.

maybe he would've done the same thing to me too but who da fuck cares anyway.

oh and my students here made a difference in my life. they're such adorable and cute little kids. the adults are sporting as hell while the teenagers are playful like gorillas.


p/s: this post is a secret. shhhh.....
April 22, 2006


bUttsH4k3r said…
you ok ah?

btw, how do you get your feeder burner to tell you how many people are on your page? i can't seem to find the page to do that :/
Jimmy Ang said…
i'm ok lar. just ranting.

and the feed burner stats are there along with all the other tickers. i forgot where also and i can't seem to find it now.

why don't u try looking at my source code and changing the login name -jeemee- to yours.the others are bg and foreground colors which i think can be changed easily.
bUttsH4k3r said…
heh, we all need that bit of rant to keep ourselves sane, mate.

alrighty, i'm viewing the source info now, cheerios.


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