.sell fish.

sell fish is a very subjective term and can be interpreted two ways usually. what may have come from a majority point of view should not be interpreted as the correct and absolute truth.

take for example , your friend. and you know she has notes for tomorrow's class. but you don't. so, you ask her for the notes.

guess what, she says "NO". and then you label her as "selfish bitch".

but, the problem here might not be her. it might be you. you didn't pay attention in class but she did. you never lent her anything or even talked to her but you approach her for notes. you're labelling her as selfish but she's labelling you as selfish too.

now, this story is not to remind you of the selfish majority bastards out there but a story i once had in my trip to Langkawi last time. the memory was further strengthened by my trip a few days ago which i have just recovered from today. yes, it was that "tiring".

you see, we're all a bunch of friends. sitting together in a room. and a few of us wanted to sleep. "him" expecially. so he decided to take a nap. and we're all not yet sleepy and decided to play some cards, you know...the occasional stuffs. chatting.

some were drinking wine. and got hell drunk while drinking it. I think he was unconscious the time we dragged the fella down into the toilet, undressed him to his underwear and washed his puke by spraying water on him. but this is all another story...

so, my frind was sleeping while the rest of us were playing cards and basically... making noise. suddenly out of the blue.. he wakes up and shouts "hey! can't you all be quiet. i'm trying to sleep here!" (maybe not exactly but something along this line).

i wanted to say... hey, shut the fuck up, we're trying to play here. but why bother. he's too groggy to even understand a word i'm saying.

anyway, after that i don't know what happened but we're all out of "steam" to do anything crazy. of course messing with the drunken fella was a hip job.

and then, there's also the story of the fella that almost puked on my friend's hair. actually, he did puke.. but we never realized it until he farted. (the sound prompted us to go slap him and we saw his puke!).

so, who is the selfish fella here, us for not caring about his sleep. or him for just only thinking about himself. i mean, we're all supposed to have fun in a trip and play the night away. but fuck, how to play when we're supposed to be silent.

sometimes, making sure all your "kakis" are steady... is imperative.
April 16, 2006


Anonymous said…
haha. i remember very clearly of dat incident. that guy scolded us for being noisy coz he got the priviledge of having free breakfast provided by the hotel. dat's y he slept early and started scolded us for disturbing his sleep. damn A**hole. we were all having fun. some were drunk, some were busy vomitting, whilst us, the sane ones were happily playing cards, till this spoil spot started scolding us. potong stim.

remember dis incident? we went to the lobby toilet, coz our room toilet was contaminated wif pukes and poos.. while we were at the lobby, u managed to seludup one cawan fr the cafe. haha.. doubt u remember dis :P

we should have video cam the whole incident dat nite rite? damn funny. haha..

wonder will we ever have such outings again. haha.

-u know who i am-
Anonymous said…
yup.. our room package comes with a free breakfast for 2. our dear Mr. Grouchy got it, and i forgot who's the other guy who went with him.

His exact words were " hey, cant u all be quiet? duno how to drink, then dun follow ppl drink. ppl wana wake up early tomorrow!"

since then, i never had a good impression on him.. not that i have a good on on him b4 dat anyway. haha

anyway, wat made u recall of our Tragedi Langkawi out of a blue?
Jimmy Ang said…
the incident that spurred this memory will remain a secret for now....

maybe when i'm back i will tell you.


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