.preparing to Redang.

i'm planning a trip to Pulau Redang on the 18th, 19th and 20th of this month.

Any ideas on where to get cheap packages or how can i make the whole experience a lot less expensive?

any ideas on what i should be preparing before going there?

btw, i'm currently in JB. so, the whole trip to Kuala Terengganu/Pulau Redang might take 7-8 hours?
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April 3, 2006


Anonymous said…
(1) Take the latest bus from JB and you shall arrive at KT at about 6am.
(2) How "cheap" if your "cheap"? What is your budget? RM300? RM400?
(3) Would you prefer to "rough it out", or would you prefer to spend your 3D2N "luxuriously"?
(4) What you should prepare depends on your answer to question #3.
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks pelf.

urm... the budget is around 350 - 400. however, the less would better.

urm... that's a tough question. i guess i would prefer to rough it out but i wouldn't want to make the experience any cheaper. and if roughing it out means too much preparation and trouble on my part... i guess luxuriously would be better.

Anonymous said…
- choose Laguna Resort as ur hotel.
- bring ur own drinking water. (the drinking water provided in Redang is SALT water)
- bring sunblock

most importantly, ur eyes need to b in good condition to enjoy the "breathtaking" scenery... :)

-ur famous anonymous-
Anonymous said…
(1) The cheapest room in Laguna costs about RM400 per-pax-per-3D2N. Pelangi is an example of the "rough it out" resort, costs about RM300-RM350 per-pax-per-night (but you better confirm the price NOW that the price of pterol has increased).

(2) If you decide to stay in Pelangi, you need to bring your own toiletries, sabun, tissue paper etc. But if stay in Laguna, no need to bring those, hehhehe :)

(3) No need to bring own water la. The water in Redang may taste a tiny-ween saltier than normal, but it is within the acceptable range la. Where got people go to Redang with a few 5L mineral water bottles wan?!


(5) If you need further info, do drop me an email :)
Jimmy Ang said…
thanks peeps.

maybe i'd going for this...
Eve said…
helo, laguna beach is situated next to mor mor char. But the food provided is like chap fan. My friend just told me like last week, there's packages for 3D2N including snorkelling trips, food and all for around RM300. Quite a deal i say.

If you are choosing Laguna, the water is alright. You can survive with abit of salt water. I stayed in Perhentian before and the water is salty like kiam hu, but hey, i survived! hehe =)

Bring loads and loads of SUNBLOCK, a hat and sunnies. Make sure you visits the blue sand beach, it's not really amazing, but it's an experience.

Oh ya, remember to get an underwater camera before you go. They hike up the prices there and you dont go snorkelling everyday.

That's all i can think of right now.Email me if you need information of the tour agency.I'm happy with my last trip there with them.


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